The balance of this account is kept in foreign currency. The account holders can withdraw money from this account in foreign currency upon presentation of travel documents (VISA and valid Air Ticket), without having a foreign exchange control permit. However, for the purpose of using the money here in Ethiopia, the account holder withdraws in local currency (Birr) only.
Gives better services to the diplomatic community and members of international organizations by facilitating payment in both local and hard currencies.

  • Foreign Embassies, Legations and consulates.
  • United Nations Organizations or African Union
  • Official members of Diplomatic Corps, holding diplomatic passports and their equivalent working in different organizations and AU, except Ethiopian nationals
  • Staff members of Foreign Embassies, UN organizations, etc

To open foreign currency account, an applicant must fulfil the following:

  • His/her salary must be fully paid from foreign sources
  • Payments should be from other Non-resident or foreign currency account holders
  • Permission is required from National Bank of Ethiopia
  • Deposits in local currency or local checks are not acceptable.

To withdraw from the account

  • A valid passport or an ID (Yellow Card) for Non-resident foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin.