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The Diaspora Policy

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The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has given the mandate and responsibility of ensuring the protection of rights and benefits of the Diaspora to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Accordingly, the Ministry has been engaged in a wide range of activities to ensure improved Diaspora participation and protect their rights and benefits in collaboration with various stakeholders.

In this regard, many among the Diaspora are registering concrete results by engaging in investment, trade and tourism in the country, in transfer of foreign currency, knowledge and technology, and image building. With this development in mind it has become imperative to prepare a Diaspora Policy that can efficiently respond to the need to ensure active Diaspora participation in  political, economic and social activities of the country so that it benefits from its engagement and contributes to  the well being of the country.

The Policy document, is, therefore prepared by making detailed research on previous directives and implementation of the activities pertaining to the Diaspora, and using the best experiences of other countries, different written materials on the subject, experience sharing forums, and suggestions by the Diaspora as inputs.

The Policy document is divided into three parts. Part one focuses on the definition, vision, mission, objectives and relevance of the policy and the review of the global status of Diaspora engagement. Part two deals with the basic principles of and major goals of the policy. Part three presents the strategies and implementing bodies of the policy.

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