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In the five year plan (GTP), the government prioritized areas for investment particularly in the manufacturing and agriculture sectors where the investors interested to engage are privileged for various types of incentives.The priority areas in the manufacturing sector includes, Textile industry Leather industry Sugar industry Cement industry Steel and engineering industry Fertilizer industry Caustic soda and soda ash industry Soap and detergent industry Paper and paper products industry Plastic industry Rubber tree Pharmaceutical industry Agro-processing…
Opportunities exist for private investment in the following services: exporting the country's various products except traditional export products like raw coffee, oil seeds, pulses, etc. by way of undertaking market promotion, quality improvement or packaging; construction ,comprising first grade contracting and rental of construction machinery as well as real estate development; social services, such as health, education and sports facilities; Other projects in these sectors are to be identified by potential investors.
Manufacturing is now at an early stage of development, and currently accounts for about 7 per cent of GDP and 5.3% of employment. It covers about 145 state owned and 643 private manufacturing industries of all sizes.
Opportunities exist for fresh water fish production and processing using artificial ponds. In addition, the country's fresh water bodies have an estimated annual fish production capacity of 30,000-40,000 tons, of which less than ten per cent is presently being exploited.
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